Do you see yourself as a customer-oriented company? Can you share 3 indicators of this with us?

The basis of our company’s strategy, which puts the customer in its focus; Our integrated, digital, environmental friendly practices and our experienced human resources make up our philosophy of being a solution partner for our customers. As OMSAN Logistics, we have continuously invested in new business models and digitalization with our customer-oriented approach and solution partner approach. We have given more importance to sustainability and efficiency in line with customer needs than ever before. We have created efficient and corporate solutions with high added value for our supply chain customers, who are going through a particularly difficult period. With the roadmap we drew together with our customers, we increased their competitiveness by offering digital and integrated logistics solutions. We continue to benefit our customers by offering up-to-date and boutique services in the changing processes with the pandemic. For example, in today’s trade, where taking quick action is an important criterion, especially in the field of e-commerce, we perform warehouse and distribution operations under one roof, produce effective, flexible and integrated solutions, and work to maximize customer satisfaction.

What is your position in your sector in terms of customer satisfaction, what are you doing to improve it?

Our customer focus and our vision of providing innovative solutions to our customers, of course, play the biggest role in our becoming a leading, well-established and reliable logistics company in the sector for nearly 45 years. As OMSAN Logistics, we consider the concept of customer satisfaction, which we have taken one step further, in a broader framework as to be able to predict the expectations of our customers by closely following the economic and sectoral developments.

We see all the feedback we receive from various channels as an opportunity for improvement. We record all incoming positive or negative notifications, analyze them in detail and improve our services. We monitor the field and operational processes instantly with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we determine, and quickly implement action plans at necessary points.

How do you incorporate technology into this strategy?

As a requirement of our strategy of being the solution partner of our customers, we focus on digitalization in all our business processes and consider the qualified human resources as our priority for the effective use of these systems. In order for our customers who receive logistics services to be able to plan efficiently, their most important demand from us is to monitor the entire supply chain from end to end. In the new period we are in, we see the digital transformation of existing business processes as inevitable in order to bring operational efficiency to higher levels, and for this purpose, we follow the developments in technology very closely. Applying technological developments to our existing processes gives the opportunity to increase the speed, quality and, of course, the efficiency of the services we offer today. We have switched to systems based on automation in many of our business processes. However, we do not find this sufficient, we work with the aim of developing new logistics models in the light of technological developments and to determine the needs in advance. By integrating with our customers’ systems, we provide instant information flow, develop tracking systems, and provide efficiency with time and cost advantages. We are accelerating our customer operations with our sorter and vertical elevator conveyor lines infrastructure, which we have created for our customers in the retail and e-commerce sectors, and our effective human resources, which are well-versed in the systems, within the scope of our storage activities, where technology is especially important.

Can you share 3 important projects/strategies that you will do in the new period?

Digitalization, customer satisfaction, integrated services and sustainability will constitute the main elements of all the projects we will carry out in the upcoming period. We will continue our investments in order to expand our service range, increase customer satisfaction and provide all the logistics services they need in an integrated manner. We will continue our sustainable growth with the aim of becoming a global player beyond being a national logistics company. We aim to increase the weight of our environmentally friendly and competitive rail transports in our service portfolio, the importance of which is understood once again during the pandemic period. Within the framework of global logistics approaches, we are working to expand sustainability practices, which have an increasing importance in the world, and which are as important as the financial performance of companies with increasing environmental awareness, in all our business processes. Again, within the scope of the integrated services we offer, we are working to improve our maritime activities and to serve our customers in all transportation modes.

Can you share your Customer Orientation strategy in one sentence?

Designing the business processes of our customers together with them, developing fast and innovative solutions to meet their needs and increasing their competitive advantages constitute an important part of our customer-oriented strategy. Our customer-oriented strategy, acting with the principles of transparency, accountability and reliability, to closely monitor the technological developments in the world with the understanding of solution partner; we can define it as being one of the most preferred logistics players on a global scale by all our stakeholders, especially our customers, while providing digital, integrated and environmental solutions.