Automotive Logistics

We lead the future of automotive logistics with our technological and operational strength and integrated services.

We design fast and secure B2B processes with our experienced staff that has high-level expertise in every process from the point where the vehicle is manufactured to the point where it reaches the end customer.

We do not depend on a single model of transportation in the domestic dealer distribution service, we develop innovative and alternative solutions with our multimodal transportation competence. 

We meet our customers’ requests for private transportation between two points, return transportation and transportation between dealers, manage vehicle and route planning, freight consolidation, information and document flow, damage and insurance processes.

We provide international road transportation services between Europe, Georgia and Turkic Republics in addition to Turkey with our own and supplier fleet, all of which comply with European norms.

We provide international marine transportation services by renting RO-RO and PCC (Pure Car Carrier) for overseas import and export transportation.

We carry out the transportation of vehicles produced for export at factories in Turkey to ports and the transportation of imported vehicles for the domestic market from ports to Omsan Logistics  and customer storage facilities.

Diversity in Logistics Service Channels

We offer a wide range of comprehensive and mobile services for storing, preparing and inspecting vehicles.

We provide vehicle stocking and PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) services at different locations in the country, at our sites located in Romania and Morocco abroad, and manage the vehicle handling operation. 

We provide PDI service to the vehicles that have received a dispatch order at the parking areas, and we conduct pre-delivery checks of the vehicles with our expert parking drivers. Depending on the demands of our customers, we offer value-added services such as accessory installation, window film coating, vehicle dressing, tire stocking and product delivery to the final buyer at our parking lots.

Special Solution Suggestions 

We offer our customers the transport plans that suit their requirements.

We provide special logistics services in organizations such as exhibitions, auto races and advertising shoots.

We also offer different special services to our individual customers, and we meet the demands of transporting vehicles both at home and abroad.

We offer “My Car is on Vacation” service, which is the first in Turkey since 2010. With the service of My Car on vacation, we ensure that our customers spend their holidays more enjoyable without experiencing long road fatigue and with the comfort of their own cars.


While our customers travel by plane from Istanbul and Ankara to Bodrum, Izmir and Antalya, we carry their vehicles with Omsan Logistics assurance and we bring their vehicles back in the same way at the end of the holiday. 

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