Integrated, Digital, Environmental

We provide customer-oriented, integrated, digital, environmentally friendly and sustainable logistics services in different sectors such as automotive, iron and steel, cement, ready-mixed concrete, hazardous materials, chemical, agro-agriculture, textile, retail, food, telecommunication and fast consumption with our nearly 45 years of experience and expert human resources in the field. We offer our customers many services such as road, sea, air, rail transportation, free and bonded warehouse management, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, customs clearance and insurance services at home and abroad on the basis of the mission of a solution partner. 

By providing multimodal services in accordance with the demands of our business partners with the combination of air, marine, land and rail transportation, we are creating an optimal service network.

Our companies located in France, Romania and Morocco, our Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea Regional Directorates in Turkey, our technological infrastructure and our operational strength spread over a wide geography and implement innovative applications. 

We act on the principles of transparency, accountability and reliability with our digital, integrated, environmental services and become our customers’ solution partners.