Energy Transportation

We transport safely with our HSS-E applications of high standards. 

We maintain a very high level of perception of HSS-E (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) and safety awareness, which is very important in the transportation of hazardous materials. 

We provide services to the world’s leading brands all over Turkey in the fields of Fuel Oil, LPG, Waste Motor Oil, Bulk and Tubed Gas transportation with our ADR-standard vehicles and SRC-5 certified drivers. 

Our operators get ADR, first aid, health-safety-environment, combat fatigue, fire, defensive driving techniques, loading-unloading, anti-skid and rollover trainings from authorized training companies and we repeat this trainings regularly. Our first duty is to prepare our employees for emergency scenarios with the awareness of safety, and we conduct regular exercises. 

Risk Analysis and Unloading Area Docking Plans are prepared and we prepare the routes according to the safest route between the two points determined by our expert teams. With the digital solutions we have implemented, we track the vehicle route and speed; we report and track vehicles that warp the defined route and route.  Together with the internal and external camera system solutions available in the vehicles, we are able to investigate cases; thanks to the smart camera features, we are able to track fatigue and distraction. 

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