Career Management and Development

Training and Development

We continue to support you on the same path with our training opportunities.

Contributing to the development of our colleagues and being the pioneer of development together is one of the things we are proud of that makes us who we are in the goals we have achieved. In today’s world where continuous change is essential, we support our colleagues in contributing to their personal development, improving their professional competencies and achieving their individual goals with the wide training opportunities we offer.

We train constantly improving teams, grow together, and offer equal and inclusive opportunities in our training and development practices. We support our employees to encourage them to participate in master’s, doctoral programs and foreign language training programs.

Performance Management

We consider each of our employees as talents and encourage them to turn their potential into performance. In this regard, we create individual development plans for our employees and establish their road maps based on their strengths and development areas.

By creating a common understanding, we ensure that our employees’ performances are directed towards these goals in line with our company vision. Within the scope of the Performance Management System, we make evaluations based on business goals and competencies, and we carry out the evaluations within the framework of negotiations between managers and employees, based on the principle of consensus.

Talent and Backup Management

Recruitment at Omsan Logistics is an important process that ensures the satisfaction of both parties, in which the right human resource is brought to the company for the determined positions.

In this direction, our Human Resources team conducts candidate research, as result of which, we include candidates who are suitable for the positions in our interview and inventory processes.

In order to understand the knowledge, skills and competencies of people and to ensure that they are assigned to the right job we apply professional assessment tools and processes such as;