Having maintained its leading position in the logistics sector with its 46 years of experience, Omsan Logistics offers wide range of services such as domestic and international land, sea, air, railway, intermodal transportation, free and bonded storage, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, customs clearance and insurance.

Omsan Logistics develops innovative and alternative solutions in the logistics sector with its end-to-end service principle and multimodal transportation competence. Omsan Logistics creates an optimal service network by offering multimodal services with a combination of air, sea, land and railway transportation in accordance with the demands of its business partners.

Environmentally friendly approach at core

Continuing to take concrete steps in the field of sustainability for a greener world, Omsan Logistics makes a difference in these areas with the services it offers in railway transportation, also described as ‘green transportation’. The company, which constantly increases the weight of railway transportation in its portfolio, also contributes to reducing carbon emissions with its environmentally friendly approach and the services it offers, which are at the center of its growth strategy.

Omsan Logistics, which was entitled to receive the ‘Green Logistics Certificate’ within the scope of the ‘Combined Transportation Regulation’ prepared by the General Directorate of Transport Services Regulation of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the aim of supporting balanced, integrated, environmentally friendly and sustainable freight transportation, has implemented all sustainability practices within the framework of global logistics approaches. continues to expand in business processes.

Makes a difference with its multimodal services

Omsan Logistics, which has the title of ‘Turkey’s first private train operator with a railway train operation authorization certificate’, strengthens its leading position among private companies. Within the scope of the project implemented by Omsan Logistics last year, mutual train services are carried out on the import-export line established between Turkey and Slovakia.