Home and Office Logistics

We move your home and office with Omsan assurance. 

Within the scope of home and office logistics, we offer city and intercity transportation and goods storage services to meet all the needs of our customers.

We provide safe transportation by carrying out packaging, transportation, placement, furniture assembly and dismantling, warehouses and home/office transportation services, as well as expertise and insurance operations.

Expertise Works: We carry out expert work before moving and offer our customers detailed information about the preparations to be made before moving and deliver a price offer.

Insurance: We make a comprehensive insurance for your goods transported and stored at the declared item value, and provide protection against risks that may occur during operation. 

Packaging: We pack the home or office items to be transported meticulously and with special materials after disassembling and make them ready for transportation.

Shipping: We deliver the packed and ready-to-carry items to the new address as they are loaded (collected, disassembled, packed) by transporting them with specially equipped vehicles.

Placement and Assembly: At the moved address, we remove the items from their packages and place them in the usage areas. In the presence of appropriate physical conditions, we carry out the installation of disassembled furniture. We collect all the materials used in packaging back.

Storage: We store our customers’ goods in our warehouses in Ankara and Istanbul in accordance with 24/7 security and hygienic protection conditions. 

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