Warehouse Management

We provide reliable and innovative solutions to our customers throughout the supply chain. 

We provide free and bonded warehousing, distribution and customs clearance services to our customers in different sectors such as e-commerce, telecommunications, retail, textile, food, spare parts, chemistry and agricultural pesticides on the basis of precision we carry out in meeting customer needs, with our solution partner approach and our emphasis on new business models, sustainability, digitalization and efficiency.

In order to meet the needs of our customers in the fastest and most complete way, we are upgrading our operational capabilities with the use of piece and parcel sorter, conveyor and parcel/pallet elevator systems. We increase customer satisfaction by combining our handling and value-added services with our human resources, which are our most valuable asset, as well as our automation systems that increase productivity.

With our digital infrastructure, we provide product tracking in every volume from parcel to pallet, product tracking with barcode and handheld terminal, and instant sharing of delivery information. We provide integration with our customers and create custom solutions for customers.

We offer custom bonded field services for the types of products required by our customers, and we carry out domestic and international secured transit transportations with high collateral strength.

Thanks to the AEO (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) that we have, we provide time and cost savings to our customers with privileges in customs procedures.

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