The logistics award ceremony, which was held for the 11th time this year and watched with greater interest by the business world every year, was held digitally this year. OMSAN Logistics met with the “Atlas” of the sector and won the award in the International Logistics Operators (L2) category.

OMSAN Logistics, one of the OYAK companies, continued its stable success this year as well. OMSAN was deemed worthy of an award in the International Logistics Operators (L2) category at the award ceremony, which was held in the digital environment for the 11th time in 2020, within the scope of pandemic measures, and steered the logistics industry.

OMSAN Logistics is the biggest solution partner of its customers with its experience of nearly 45 years and the reliable, pioneering and differentiated service approach it offers to the sector. It provides integrated, digital, environmental, sustainable and customer-oriented logistics services to many companies from different sectors, especially in the automotive, iron-steel, cement, ready-mixed concrete, hazardous materials, chemistry, agricultural agriculture, textile, retail, food, telecommunications and fast-moving consumer sectors. . By always putting people in its focus, it brings together many services such as land, sea, air, rail transportation, free and bonded warehouse management, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, customs clearance and insurance services, both at home and abroad.