1. Can you tell us about the services offered by OMSAN Logistics in the field of warehousing and distribution? Which value-added solutions do you support your business partners with in the storage space?

We become the solution partner of our customers by offering an effective end-to-end supply chain management with our integrated, digital, environmental friendly practices. Our warehousing and distribution operations are one of the most important parts of our end-to-end service. Providing our operations from a single control center enables us to analyze and manage the entire process better and provides cost advantages for our customers. We carry out the solutions we create in accordance with the systems of our customers as a special project for them. We define the scope, goals and success criteria of each project down to the last detail. With a team of experts in their fields, we ensure the most effective management of resources in order to achieve these targets in accordance with cost and time criteria.

In the storage area; We operate in a wide range of free and bonded areas such as stock management, handling, value-added services, quality control processes. Within the scope of stock management, we implement processes such as FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, in line with customers’ requests, and ensure that the desired product is reached at the desired time and order. By integrating with our customers’ systems, we offer a wide selection opportunity with our ability to collect orders based on sales orders, when necessary, on the basis of stock codes, and we can act in line with their wishes. We also become a solution partner in the after-sales services of our customers by managing the recovery and resale processes of returned products. We make use of digital systems in all these processes, and prioritize efficiency with instant tracking and measurements.

We provide our distribution services in the form of pallet and parcel distribution, including partial transportation requests, to 81 cities with 22 transfer centers throughout Turkey. With our technological infrastructure, we can deliver the cargo, which we ensure traceability, to the buyers in a timely and complete manner, and we can return documents online. Within the scope of our services, we care about having a representative that our customers can reach whenever they want, and we assign special customer representatives to the processes. Unlike standard operations, we can safely perform overnight deliveries in all regions in line with our customers’ requests. For example, in the automotive industry, where speed is very important, we deliver the relevant orders before 24 hours with fast night deliveries.

2. What kind of infrastructure do you have in the field of information technologies in your storage services?

With the flexibility of the Warehouse Management System we use, we carry out both conventional storage services, value-added services and e-commerce logistics processes with fast, accurate and timely operations. We open our customer portal, where warehouse processes can be followed, to the service of all our customers, allowing them to follow their orders and stocks instantly.

With the automatic separation system (SORTER), which we developed with our own engineers, we provide operational efficiency in processes that require intensive labor. For this reason, we can minimize the errors that may arise during the order preparation phase of the sorting processes with a high risk of error. In addition, we transfer current technological developments to our operations by producing solutions that will increase efficiency in accordance with the operational setups and workflows of our customers, and by investing in automation solutions such as parcel and piece sorter systems, vertical storage systems, conveyor lines.

Digital tracking and traceability is a very important topic in product distribution today. We provide information to buyers about all our complete and partial orders through different platforms. In addition, our customers can easily track their orders over the digital environment and see where they are. Thanks to our integration services, we can easily and quickly communicate our own systems with customer systems. The fact that we have a large software team specialized in the technological field allows us to customize these flows agile and fast and to produce faster solutions to customer needs.

3. How do your storage services differ by sector? Can you provide information about your warehouses, the sectors you serve, your warehouses and your customer portfolio and transfer the special solutions you have developed?

We provide service in our warehouses located in different locations such as Istanbul, Kocaeli, Izmir, Bursa and Ankara. When it comes to storage, square meters are always talked about, but in fact, the main thing in our business is volume. Working with our customers, we design our supply chain processes and warehouses, with designs and layouts tailored to their needs. In line with sectoral needs and customer demands, we provide cost advantages to our customers by focusing on using each cubic meter of volume with mezzanine and ‘back to back’ rack systems, consolidation of narrow aisle palletized storage areas and conveyor systems supported by elevators, depending on the variable heights in our warehouses.

We also offer special and effective solutions in bonded warehouse and customs clearance services needed in warehouse processes. By taking advantage of the convenience of our Authorized Economic Operator Certificate, we carry out export transactions directly without going to the customs, and we provide cost and time advantages to our customers with safe processes without the risk of damage and loss.

Although the logistics needs differ according to the sectors, we are improving our logistics services and expanding our sectoral service areas in the fields of Retail, Textile, Telecommunication, Automotive Spare Parts, Hardware and Hand Tools, Food, Agricultural Medicines, Hazardous and Chemical Substances and e-commerce, which are gaining importance day by day. . We are developing space increase and special solutions for the e-commerce sector, which has grown significantly with the effect of the pandemic, with our integrated and digital infrastructure. Within the scope of our distribution activities, we focus especially on e-commerce and chain store logistics.

As a special operation, we manage the delivery and return processes of all stores in shopping malls. In this area, we revise our software in order to offer integrated solutions for both storage and distribution, and we implement designs that will allow dynamic and rapid movements. With our variable shelf systems designed according to the weight and volume of the products, we use our warehouse areas more efficiently and design separate storage areas for large volume products. By customizing the stock areas in line with the types of products; We support our services with handling desks, workstations, and various sorter systems. In addition to the storage of products, we respond to the requests of our customers with various value-added services such as promotional orders, parcel exchange, parcel combining and sorting, in line with the wishes of our customers.