1. Can you briefly mention the company profile of OMSAN Logistic?

As OMSAN Logistics, we offer integrated, digital, environmental and customer-oriented logistics services with our 43 years of experience, and we place human-oriented digitalization processes at the center of our growth strategy. We are taking firm steps forward with the vision of becoming a global company by combining our deep-rooted structure in the sector with this strategy.

With our companies abroad in France, Romania and Morocco; We provide integrated services in all areas of logistics with our highway, railway fleet, self-owned ships, storage areas, vehicle logistics centers, which consist of self-owned and supplier infrastructure that we use in international and domestic activities.

We can provide competitive solutions to many different sectors, especially automotive, energy, iron and steel, cement, ready mixed concrete, chemistry, agricultural agriculture, retail, telecommunication and fast consumption sectors.

2. What are the main services offered by OMSAN Logistics and the applications that make a difference in its sector?

We have a wide range of services such as road, sea, air, rail transportation, free and bonded storage, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, customs clearance and insurance in Turkey and abroad. We meet the demands of our business partners with different transport combinations and multimodal services. Taking strength from our technological infrastructure and operational capability, we implement innovative practices with our more than 2,000 employees at home and abroad.

As the first company in Turkey to obtain a train operation authorization certificate in the railway, which is an environmentally friendly and competitive mode of transport, we carry over 3.5 million tons of freight annually. We use railway transportation as an alternative in the automotive sector.

In addition to our position as the market leader in domestic vehicle transportation in automotive logistics, we also break new ground in international operations. In 2020, we broke new ground in the world by transporting cars from Europe to Asia via Marmaray. We became the first company in the world to transport cars at this depth under the sea.

With the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate we hold in Turkey and France, we save time and cost for our customers in customs procedures in international transportation.

Although we started to operate in the field of project transportation in the last four years, we have achieved very rapid growth in this field in a short time.

We have a rapidly growing customer portfolio with the high standard services we provide to global and national brands in the transportation of dangerous goods in the energy field. We are one of the leading players in the sector, capable of transporting in different areas such as fuel oil, LPG, bulk and bottled gas, waste oil transportation with our own fleet of goods.

3. How did the pandemic and digitalization lead to a change in your processes? How are your goals for 2021 shaped?

With the pandemic, the importance of digitalization and operational efficiency in the logistics sector, as in many other sectors, was revealed. With our customer-oriented understanding during and after the pandemic, we have given more importance to new business models, sustainability and digitalization than ever before.

We are carrying out our infrastructure works in order to realize our wide-ranging breakthrough targets for the e-commerce sector, which has grown significantly with the effect of the pandemic. We have shaped both our conventional and e-commerce logistics processes in line with this breakthrough target. We plan designs that will contribute to the expansion of our storage and distribution areas and allow for dynamic and fast movements, and we revise our software.

While we are on the way to become a global logistics company, we accelerate our processes with the integration and robotic process automation applications we provide with customer systems in a short time. We differentiate ourselves with our human-oriented digital transformation strategy. Continuing to contribute to the development of the sector with our innovative practices is among our primary goals.