1. What are the services provided by OMSAN in the field of automotive?

As the leading brand of the logistics sector in the automotive field, we offer vehicle transportation, stocking, spare parts storage and distribution activities in the form of an end-to-end integrated supply chain service. We carry out pre-delivery inspections called PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) at stock sites and make them ready for delivery by conducting customer pre-delivery checks. In international transportation; In addition to import and export transportation, we carry out port and dec-site transportation. We manage documents, damage, insurance processes, as well as vehicle and route planning and freight consolidation, while organizing the distribution and return transportation of vehicles to domestic dealers.

We provide services not only in Turkey but also abroad through our companies located in France, Romania and Morocco and with our expert human resources. In carrying out all these activities, we use our vehicle logistics centers, our own goods fleet structure and our extensive supplier network as an integrated solution.

2. What are your new plans, projects and goals in automotive logistics?

As OMSAN Logistics, we care about presenting our services with integrated, digital and environmentally friendly applications by prioritizing customer satisfaction in every field. We are breaking new ground in the sector with our solution partner philosophy in the automotive field. For example, we broke new ground in the world last year by using Marmaray to transport intercontinental cars from Europe to Asia without any transfer.

In addition, we aim to expand our range of services and the geography we offer them. By increasing our domestic vehicle logistics center locations, we continue our efforts to provide services to our customers in more comprehensive areas such as expertise, hail repair and vehicle maintenance more quickly.

Within the scope of automotive spare parts logistics, we plan to strengthen our infrastructure and increase our ‘Just In Time’ service capacity in a way that will support companies to make uninterrupted production with minimum stock level. We aim to develop our automation solutions in operations with high SKU (stock code) in the storage area.

In addition to our operational strength, we are also working to expand our focus on digitalization throughout our processes. For example, we plan to create smart control tunnels by expanding our newly launched kiosk application in vehicle pick-up processes, and to develop the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) system, which we have put into use in different areas, in the automotive field. In this way, we implement applications that speed up our processes and provide efficiency.

With our environmentalist approach, we are reducing our carbon footprint by increasing the share of railway transportation, which is called ‘green transportation’, in the automotive field as well. In this context, in 2014, we put into use rail and sea multi-transport modes, instead of road, between Romania and Turkey. In 2018, we broke new ground once again by starting to use the railway alternative in the dealer distribution processes of finished vehicles with regular weekly trips.

3. What are the advantages you offer to automotive companies and the areas where you make a difference?

Our expert human resources are at the forefront of the points where we make a difference. With our nearly 45 years of experience, we provide efficiency in process management with our strength in this field and our digital applications. While following the sector closely, we are involved in studies that will guide the development of the sector. Thanks to the alternative multiple transportation modes we have commissioned, we have a flexible structure that can meet periodic demand increases and the ability to respond quickly to customer needs.

Thanks to the AEOC (Authorized Economic Operator Certificate) we have, we create time and cost advantages for our customers with our privileges in customs procedures. We are the only logistics company that uses AEOC in the field of auto transport.

In addition, we provide customer satisfaction thanks to instant integration and traceability. For example, we use technology that ensures the traceability of each vehicle in the field. In this way, we instantly communicate the entry-exit times and physical locations of their vehicles to our customers via devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

We act with the principle of speed and no damage in international complete and partial spare parts transportation, and we ensure the distribution of our customers’ products to 81 cities by carrying out the operations of a large number of orders in an integrated manner in the storage area. With the night distribution organization we implement, we provide our customers with cost, stock and speed advantages.

4. With the pandemic, there was a significant decrease in automotive exports. Do you observe an increase in exports from Europe with the acceleration of vaccination?

During the pandemic, the production of semiconductor chips, which are among the requirements of vehicle production, decommissioned into the electronics sector to meet the growing demand for the use of computers and smart devices as a result of people’s homes as a result of the pandemic. The demand in the automotive sector began to be unable to be met and caused many factories to stop around the world. Sundays sunday, due to the contraction in the European market, the vehicle export market closed 2020 with a decrease of about 25 percent compared to the previous year. We anticipate that the export level will go beyond the low level of 2020 and approach the order of magnitude of the previous year.