What are the services you provide in the field of project transportation? Which sectors and companies does your customer portfolio mainly consist of?

As an OYAK Group company, OMSAN has been continuing its logistics activities for close to 45 years and has started to provide services especially in the field of project transportation for the last five years. Today we are a company that is growing rapidly every year, has expanded its field of activity with our expert team and customer-oriented approach, and offers door-to-door industrial logistics solutions, including customs and insurance operations in all modes of transportation at home and abroad.

Our companies located in France, Romania and Morocco offer forwarding services to all countries of the world with our extensive agency connections, that is, we manage the operation from beginning to end and deliver it to our customers. The main sectors we provide services in the field of project transportation include energy, construction, iron dec steel, automotive, heavy industry, industrial facilities, cement and ready-mixed concrete, boat and ship industry.

What important works and investments have you made in this field in 2020? How did you perform compared to the previous year?

When we look at the year 2020, as OMSAN Logistics, we have carried out more than 150 projects in a wide geography. If I had to give an example of these projects; The press and its parts with a width of 4 meters and a weight of 130 tons are received from China, transported by open cargo ship to Gemlik Port and delivered to the address, approximately one thousand cubic meters of steel construction material of different sizes and dimensions to be used in the establishment of a steel production facility, by sea and road, from Izmir. We carried out the transport to Russia, the transport of 17-meter-long out-of-gauge size module living containers with telescopic vehicles between Gebze and Sweden, and the door-to-door transport of 630 tons of presses and accessories from Bursa to Morocco.

With our philosophy of being the solution partner of our customers in the field of project transportation, which we started in 2017, we have reached four times the size from the first day and continued our steady growth in 2020 as well. Despite the pandemic period, we continued our work without a break and signed successful projects. Today, I would like to proudly state that we are a sought-after logistics company that provides reliable service in this field of activity in the sector.

What are your goals and projects for project transportation? Do you have any projects abroad?

By focusing on digitalization, customer satisfaction and trained human factor in our business processes; We work non-stop with the aim of becoming a global logistics company that provides integrated, sustainable and environmentally friendly services. In line with this vision, our project transportation targets include continuing our growth with additional expert teams and providing global service without being tied to a limited geography. This year, we aim to realize EPC projects, refinery and new facility projects in Russia, Ukraine and Turkic Republics, European rail systems transportation projects and investment projects in our country with the signature of OMSAN Logistics. In line with the increasing needs for abroad, we continue our activities with the aim of our company to sign different projects in different geographies and to strengthen its position among global players.

What were the effects of the pandemic on project transportation? What changes did the epidemic cause in customer demands and expectations?

In today’s global crisis, the pandemic, the container crisis and the increase in freight have also negatively affected the project transportation. In terms of customers; It has become very important to work with companies that can provide door-to-door integrated services and manage risk. Success in critical processes such as on-time delivery, risk and damage management became more prominent.

When we evaluate different transport modes; The importance and volume of intermodal transportation has increased in order to be able to easily manage the necessary processes as an alternative to road and sea transportation, which has an important share in project transportation. As OMSAN Logistics, we have become the reliable solution partner of our customers in this challenging process with our services that will meet all these expectations, our expert team, our strong operational infrastructure and our work in the field of intermodal transportation.

How do you evaluate the development of Turkey in project transportation? What are the opportunities and risks facing the industry?

In the coming period, where the concept of sustainability gains importance day by day around the world and factory investments will be at the forefront, the place of project transportation will become even stronger. We foresee that the sector will grow both in Turkey and in the world in the next five years. We can say that the need for project transportation, which will grow in proportion to the investment plans in our country, will increase even more with the effect of the factory and infrastructure investments to be made. As European and world standards are achieved, Turkey’s development in this field will gain momentum. Turkey is a country with many different opportunities and potentials for investment. There are unsaturated markets and new opportunities abroad for Turkish investors. As the number of Turkish companies taking projects abroad increases, we will continue to talk about our successes in the field of project transportation.

Are there any problems with the legislation? What are the new developments in legislation?

In the field of project transportation, there is a more conscious approach and control mechanisms in terms of both legislation and rules compared to other fields. Due to the increase in the volume of project transportation, this situation is also taken into account in new applications. For example, when constructing a bridge, overpass, port or warehouse, planning is made by considering the loads suitable for project transportation. For this reason, logistics companies that can provide services at certain standards and have sufficient infrastructure can maintain their place in the competition. As OMSAN Logistics, we continue to rapidly increase our share in the sector with our well-established and reliable structure that can meet the requirements in this context.