Life in OMSAN

Being from OMSAN

Being from OMSAN means working with pride and pleasure for human life and gaining experience in a leading logistics company. 

At OMSAN, we aim to be one of the most preferred logistics actors on a global scale by all stakeholders, especially its customers by offering more than logistics services to its customers with integrated logistics solutions and pioneering the future of the sector with our current experience. For this purpose, we act honestly and transparently.

We undertake our responsible. We care about accountability. We support competition and maintain sense of justice. We value creativity and aim to achieve excellence with it. We will be equal and reliable. 

We care about the satisfaction of both our employees and our customers. With the awareness of social responsibility, we respect local cultures and are sensitive to the environment. 

Social Facilities and Ancillary Rights

We adopt the principle of ‘salary according to the requirements of the job, not according to the person’.

We implement our salary management system, which is used globally and comply with market conditions, and we reflect the performance results of our employees fairly on salary increases.

We focus on the future of our employees.

In order to ensure that our employees take more confident steps towards their future, we provide life insurance and private health insurance together with company-funded private pensions and OYAK Fund membership opportunities. 

We provide our employees with the numerous privileges and advantages offered by OYAK Platform to all OYAK employees in the fields of health, education, automotive, insurance-finance and many other fields. 


Our goal is to be a pioneer of innovations and technological developments.

Our employees working together with our digital platform can view and update personal information, control leave processes, participate in all their trainings, create individual development plans, perform performance evaluation processes, access all HR processes via mobile and web with one click. 

We are looking for ways to channel human labor to more qualified processes by automating our processes that do not add value for the purpose of a more efficient organization with DigitalHR, a tool that is constantly updated and developed according to the need. 

We aim to achieve digital maturity not only by turning business processes into robotized processes, but also organizationally with the participation of our employees.