Career And Development

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities and recruitment at OMSAN Lojistik is an important process in which the right human resources are provided to the company for the specified positions. In this direction, we carry out candidate research by our Human Resources team and include our candidates who are eligible for positions in our interview and inventory processes as a result of the research. 

Our employees can take advantage of the career opportunities created within our company and OYAK companies.

In accordance with the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, applications submitted by e-mail are not taken into account, and all applications are considered in accordance with the confidentiality principle. 

If you want to be a part of the OMSAN family, please apply for our announcements published on and LinkedIn platforms.

OMSAN Academy

We attach great importance to the development of our employees in line with the goal of continuous development and efficiency.

We support our employees in order to encourage them to participate in master and doctoral programs. 


We aim to realize our training hours and methods in a digital environment with the Academy.

In order to support the personal and professional/technical development of our employees, we organize various trainings online through the Digital HR platform. 

Talent & Performance

We consider each of our employees as a talent and encourage them to turn their potential into performance. In this direction, we create individual development plans of our employees and include them in trainings according to their strengths and development areas.

In line with our company goals; we create a common understanding and ensure that the performance of our employees is directed to these goals.

We conduct performance evaluations based on business goals and competencies, and we carry out these on the basis of consensus within the framework of one-on-one negotiations between the manager and employees.