Brands, in order to reach their sustainability goals, choose their logistics partners amongst the ones that provide services in environmentalist transportation modes. Omsan, who determined railway as strategic growth area, got more than 10% share from rails in 2021, and became the private sector leader. The company also increased its business volume in seaway by 8 times. One of the important keys of the growth was digitalization.

Investments to Omsan Logistics, which aims to be a global brand, picked up speed. The focus of the investment and growth is environmentalist transportation modes. Omsan Logistics General Manager Cömert Varlık said that “We prioritize our investment plans by determining green railway transportation as strategic growth area. We aim to increase our business volume by focusing on electricity railway locomotive, railway car and container self-owned and rental fleet activities for railway transportation.”.

Omsan, during 2021 in which the logistics demand sped up, increased its operations in all transportation modes compared to the previous year. However, the biggest growth was in environmentalist transportation. Omsan, who performed the first automobile transportation from Europe to Asia via Marmaray and led the way in its own area, increased its operational business volume within the scope of private train operation and took over more than 10% share within the total railway transportations performed in Turkey and became the leader amongst the private companies. Company also increased its volume of operations which it carried out with both self-owned and rental vessels in seaway which is another environmentalist transportation mode by approximately 8 times.  Cömert Varlık said that “We increased our capacity, business volume in areas such as vehicle handling, transportation of export vehicles to ports. We managed the movement of approximately 800 thousand vehicles in 2021.”

Varlık, who emphasized that they, as Omsan Logistics, are looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint, said that “We are providing services with our fleet which we periodically follow up on their maintenance, our applications for improving employee behaviors, our green transportation activities, the modern infrastructure in our facilities.  On the other hand, it is very important to decrease the share of road transportation which is carried out intensely in the sector and increase the share of railway, seaway transportation whose effect to environment is much less. We are doing our share in this matter and extend our intermodal and railway transportation services which are more environmentalist. In addition to the duties of the logistic operators, I think that it is important to adapt the “European Green Consensus Standard” to Turkey.”.

Well, what are the investments in company’s agenda for 2022? Cömert Varlık summarized his investment and growth plans for this year as follows: “We will focus on digitalization in all of our business processes, customer satisfaction and qualified human aspect by expanding our service range, and continue our sustainable growth. Contributing to development of the sector with our innovative practices is one of our primary goals. We are seeping up our processes with practices such as integration and robotic process automation that we provided in a short time with customer systems. We are also carrying out our infrastructure works to realize our comprehensive goals for e-trade sector which is growing every day. We will continue to strengthen in automotive spare parts, retail, telecommunication areas in which we are already experienced by continuing our investments in qualified human resources and digitalization and focusing on e-trade.”

New logo for global journey

Omsan Logistics, in line with its global growth goals, renewed its logo. Cömert Varlık, who said that “We wanted to reflect the spirit and energy of Omsan Logistics brand which underlies the success we realized in 2021 to our logo”, made the statement below: “In the logo which defines our new corporate identity, circle form which consists of different colors symbolizes the entire world which has integrated service areas and the movements transforming from circle to linear symbolizes forging ahead. Red color represents the OYAK trust. We will have bigger successes with our new logo and continue to take firm steps forward to our vision of becoming a global company.”.

Robotic processes cancels out marigin of error

One of the important keys of the growth in Omsan was digitalization. Company which had important successes in this area transferred more than 250 thousand documents to digital media within the scope of contactless processes. Integration with the systems of more than 60 customers and suppliers was realized. In seaway container transportation, we switched to digital load tracking application in which customers can track their cargo online and transparently. Cömert Varlık emphasized that they, as a company, made important investments in order to keep up with changing requirements of business world. Amongst the digital applications; self-service application, kiosk, instant vehicle traceability, integration with customer systems, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) usage become prominent. Varlık said that “We cancel out the marigin of error in works performed with RPA usage and go forward more quickly and increase the customer satisfaction. With Kiosk application, by performing the vehicle acceptance processes, which was done manually, as self-service by the employees, we complete the process without the need for printing documents and entering to office.”.

Investments to Abroad will Increase

The company is increasing its investments at abroad. Varlık, who reminded that in addition to the vehicle parking areas that they provide services in Morocco , they realized the self-owned parking are in Romania Mioveni in 2021, said that “We built and conditioned this parking area specially for the needs of our customers and use it stock our customers’ vehicles which come out of factory. On the other hand, this area that we have in Romania can provide rental opportunity for the usage of all of our customers. We accelerated our infrastructure investments in order to provide the automotive and energy transportation, which we are the leaders in the country, and railway services at abroad just the same.”

Tailor-made storage service

Cömert Varlık, who emphasized that they also work in storage services by designing tailor-made storages and automation systems special for the customer, explained that “We utilize wearable technology such as smart gloves in product collection processes. We are tracking the transactions based on orders with e-logistics portal which has more than 2 thousand users and provide integration with return management system that we use at 1.350 points.”.

Varlık, who pointed out that with the pandemic, customers have expectations beyond product or services, said that “In the upcoming period, the customer demands will shape under 3 main headings: they can be listed as digitalization, instant tracking and constant information flow.”.