Focusing on customer satisfaction with its integrated, digital, environmental and sustainable services, Omsan Logistics won two awards at the same time in the Stevie Awards, one of the most important awards in the field of Sales and Customer Services in the business world. Deemed worthy of two awards in the competition, which included 51 countries and 2,300 projects, Omsan Logistics won the Gold award in the “Collaboration Solution” category and the Bronze award in the “Customer Service Success” category.

Omsan Logistics, an OYAK Group Company, won two awards at the same time at the US-based Stevie Awards, one of the world’s leading awards in the fields of customer service, business development and sales specialists. In this year’s competition, more than 2,300 candidates from 51 countries, all sizes and almost every sector, were evaluated.

The success of the Marmaray project brought awards

Omsan Logistics won two awards at the Stevie Awards, the only global award program that has been prepared to recognize achievements in all areas of business life since 2002, with its project transporting automobiles from Europe to Asia using Marmaray, a first in the world. Becoming the first company in the world to transport automobiles at this depth under the sea by passing through the Marmaray, which has the world’s deepest immersed tube tunnel, Omsan Logistics was awarded the gold award in the “Collaboration Solution” category and the bronze award in the “Customer Service Success” category at the Stevie Awards.

Environmental projects will gain more importance

Expressing their happiness at being deemed worthy of awards at the Stevie Awards, Omsan Logistics General Manager Cömert Varlık said, “We make a difference in the railway transportation sector, which is also known as Green Transportation. By increasing the weight of environmentally friendly and competitive rail transports in our service portfolio, we place environmental approaches at the center of our growth strategy, and contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions. In 2021, we achieved 80% less carbon emissions by using rail instead of road in our operations. With rail transport, we have succeeded in restoring the equivalent of more than 2.2 million trees to nature in a forest area of 740,000 m2. 

Especially with the EU Green Agreement, environmental projects carried out by logistics companies will gain great importance. We will further expand our sustainability practices in all our business processes within the framework of global logistics approaches. Last year, we became the leader among private companies by taking a share of over 10 percent in total rail transports in Turkey. We strengthen our global industry experience with our innovative and professional structure, and make a difference with the integrated, competitive, efficient and corporate solutions we offer end-to-end to our customers in the supply chain. Our ability to provide multimodal services with integrated services for our customers draws attention and is rewarded on international platforms. Today, we are proud to win a Gold and a Bronze award at the Stevie Awards with our Marmaray project, where we had a first in the history of logistics.” 

Maintaining its pioneering position in many fields of the sector with its long-established experience and integrated services of nearly 45 years, operates operationally in Turkey and abroad by land, sea, air, rail transport, free and bonded warehousing, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, Omsan Logistics has a wide range of services such as customs clearance and insurance. With the Marmaray project, for which it was awarded, the company delivered the automobiles produced in Romania to Izmit by rail at the end of 2020, gaining the title of the first company to transport automobiles by Marmaray, providing capacity increase, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Producing alternative multimodal solutions for its customers with a flexible structure, Omsan continues to successfully carry out the transportation of sensitive, high-value products requiring expertise in operation.