What did your identity as the first private train operator with a railway train management license in

We are the first private train operator in Turkey to receive the railway train operation authorization certificate. In this context, we have been carrying ore transportation on the Demirdağ-İskenderun and Hasançelebi-Demirdağ lines since 2017. In addition, we carry flue dust on different lines with TCDD Tasimacilik AS. We carry out the transport of coal, petcoke, ore, clinker, flue dust and coiled sheet metal to various points in Turkey with our self-owned and leased railway fleet consisting of wagons, locomotives and containers. We provide our customers with safe transportation services in terms of goods and life safety, along with cost and transit time advantages. Apart from our contribution to the traffic of ore and raw materials, one of our important economic values, we can say that the biggest added value we have created is the expansion of railway transportation, which is described as “Green Transportation”.

You carried out the world’s first intercontinental automobile transport via Marmaray. What would you like to say?

As OMSAN Logistics, we will increase the weight of our integrated services, environmentally friendly and competitive railway transportation, in our portfolio, together with our customer-oriented, digital and environmentalist business models. In 2020, we carried out automobile transportation from Europe to Asia via Marmaray, breaking new ground in the world. By transporting more than 200 vehicles from Romania to Izmit with our auto transport train, we became the first company in the world to transport automobiles at this depth under the sea. We have successfully completed an important operation on behalf of our company and our country. We continue to work on new international train services. With the increasing importance of the railway, we are expanding our services in different geographies with our companies in France, Romania and Morocco, and we consider railway transportation within the scope of our strategic goals.

The recent pandemic has seriously affected the logistics industry. Moreover, some decisions taken in intercontinental logistics (such as certification and cancellation of VAT refund on gasoline in Austria) affected the drawing of the new route and naturally the price and timing.

What would you like to say about the problems experienced in the sector? What kind of work do you do to deal with such problems that exporting companies face indirectly?

Despite the uncertainty experienced by the epidemic, the closing of borders and the measures taken, the sector quickly recovered. During this period, we presented our customers with technological transformation projects. We quickly adapted to the pandemic and post-pandemic process with our technological infrastructure investments, wide fleet network and intermodal studies. We have gained a competitive advantage by focusing on new business models, sustainability, digitalization and efficiency. We have provided the digital transformation of their existing processes so that our customers can monitor the entire supply chain from end to end. We have increased speed, quality and efficiency in our services. We have always stood by our customers, who experience fluctuations in different sizes depending on the sector they are in. With our solution partner strategy, we worked with the aim of developing new logistics models and identifying the needs of the sector in advance. While providing instant information flow to our customers, we developed tracking systems and offered time and cost advantages. We designed contactless processes, created new kiosks and automation points in the fields to remove all touch points throughout the supply chain to alleviate the pandemic and ensure the continuity of the workflow. We continue to work on the integration of image processing systems to control the distances between our field personnel.

What are the 2021 expectations of OMSAN Logistics in particular for the logistics sector?

As OMSAN Logistics, by focusing on digitalization, customer satisfaction and trained human factor in our business processes; We work with the goal of being a global logistics company that provides integrated, environmentally friendly and sustainable services. We carry out the digital transformation of our business processes in order to effectively monitor logistics processes and increase operational efficiency. We will continue to contribute to the development of the sector with our innovative practices. In 2021, we expect the volume of e-commerce to increase, the companies in this field to increase their market shares and the need for human resources to increase as the sector regains its old momentum. As OMSAN Logistics, we will continue our sustainable growth by providing employment and projects to strengthen the sector again.