What was the year 2020 like for OMSAN and the logistics industry? How did you start 2021 as OMSAN? Can you tell us about your growth strategies and future plans?

The logistics sector also experienced negativities with the effect of the pandemic last year. However, the environment of uncertainty has recovered faster than many other sectors, despite the closure of borders and the measures taken. As OMSAN Logistics, it has been a period in which we attach more importance to new business models, sustainability, digitalization and efficiency than ever before, with our customer-oriented understanding during and after the pandemic. We accelerated our growth with the sensitivity we show in meeting customer needs and our solution partner approach.

In 2021, we continue our sustainable growth by providing projects and employment to strengthen the sector. We always plan our investments to be the solution partner of our customers by providing people, digitalization, environmental practices and integrated services.

Can you tell us about OMSAN’s service philosophy? Do you have innovative applications that you offer to the logistics industry in order to differentiate? Can you tell us about your digitalization processes?

We are moving forward with the goal of becoming a global logistics company that provides sustainable services with our philosophy that focuses on customer satisfaction, digitalization and the human element in our business processes. We provide competitive advantage by focusing on digital transformation and efficiency, which enables our customers to monitor the entire supply chain end-to-end. We accelerate our processes and offer alternative solutions with corporate software and robotic process automation applications. We can show the automobile transportation that we carried out from Europe to Asia via Marmaray as an example, by breaking a new ground in the world in the recent period.

The global climate crisis is one of the most important threats to the economies of the future. What are you doing about it? Can you tell us about your company’s current green practices?

We are looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint through environmentally friendly operations with the aim of fulfilling our responsibilities on climate change and global warming. We attach importance to the dissemination of railway transportation, which we also call “Green Transportation”. In this context, we carried out more than 3.5 million tons of freight transport by rail last year, as the first private train operator in Turkey to receive a train operation authorization certificate. By combining all modes of transportation in the field of intermodal transportation, we aim to reduce carbon emissions in order to leave a green world to future generations as well as efficiency.

How do companies prepare themselves for organizational agility in the face of environmental, economic and technological changes?

In agile transformation, companies work to respond quickly to change by increasing cooperation and interaction with their stakeholders. For this, they take concepts such as transformation leadership, customer focus, effective communication, speed and simplicity into the agenda. As OMSAN Logistics, we focus on being an organization that constantly develops in the face of changes and acting for a common vision by accelerating the communication of all functions with each other. We use data analysis systems and technology in line with our goal of providing efficiency. We conduct regular interaction activities with the participants in different scopes and develop special programs to share our experiences.