1. Can you tell us about your brand and its current position in the market?

As OMSAN Logistics, we offer integrated, digital, environmental and customer-oriented logistics services with our 43 years of experience, and we place human-oriented digitalization processes at the center of our growth strategy. We are taking firm steps forward with the vision of becoming a global company by combining our deep-rooted structure in the sector with this strategy.

We are in a position to bring together many different services in the sector with our customers with the mission of solution partner. We create an optimum service network by providing multimodal services with the combination of different transportation modes, in addition to road, sea, air, rail transportation, free and bonded warehouse management, micro distribution, project transportation, home and office logistics, customs clearance and insurance services at home and abroad.

With our expert human resources; We offer integrated logistics services to different sectors such as automotive, iron and steel, cement, ready mixed concrete, hazardous materials, chemistry, agricultural agriculture, textile, retail, food, telecommunication and fast consumption. We are the market leader in domestic vehicle transportation in automotive logistics. With our more than two thousand employees, our companies in France, Romania and Morocco, and our Marmara, Mediterranean, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea Regional Directorates in Turkey, we are moving forward in line with our vision by spreading over a wide geography.

While acting with the principle of reliability, we strengthen our position in the market by rapidly adapting to the transformation in the sector with our operational experience, human-oriented digital transformation strategy and processes designed according to customer satisfaction.

2. How did you spend the pandemic period? What did you focus on as OMSAN Logistics during this period?

We have accelerated our growth by differentiating from the competition with our customer-oriented approach and technological and sustainable applications during and after the pandemic process.

The logistics industry experienced some negativities due to the effect of the pandemic. However, the environment of uncertainty, the closure of borders, despite the measures taken, quickly recovered compared to many other sectors. As OMSAN, we quickly adapted to the changes in business models with the sensitivity we showed in meeting customer needs in this challenging period.

We’ve redefined our methods to create end-to-end contactless processes to reduce touchpoints throughout the supply chain. As a result of our data analytics studies, we have achieved business results that create value for our customers. While designing contactless processes for the continuity of the workflow, we created new kiosks and automation points in the fields.

During this period, we managed an uninterrupted process in terms of customer relations, and we were able to provide service at any time. We have been able to respond quickly to the expectations of our customers, who have experienced fluctuations in different sizes depending on the volume of the sector we serve in different sectors. We took advantage of offering integrated services in response to the variable demands of our customers.

We are in a period where we strengthen our infrastructure in the fields of storage, distribution and e-logistics and rapidly develop our customer portfolio. Due to the serious increase in demand with the pandemic, this demand was tried to be met with urgent solutions such as increasing the area in e-commerce warehouses and additional employment.

As OMSAN Logistics, we continued our work in line with our breakthrough targets in this field. Within the scope of the storage service, we decided to expand the allocated usage areas by renewing the contracts with our customers in different areas. We proved once again that we are a reliable solution partner where our customers can get support by providing sustainable solutions in this challenging period.

3. Can you tell us about your work and goals in 2021?

We are continuing our projects and sustainable growth by providing employment for the strengthening of the sector in 2021. With our vision of becoming a global service provider, we plan our investments towards human-oriented digital transformation, environmental applications and being a solution partner of our customers by providing integrated services. 

Global logistics approaches in the framework of the environmental awareness and rising, which has an increasing importance in the world, with companies working to spread their financial performance sustainability practices in all our business processes are so important.

4. What are your points of strength

We reinforce our strength by adopting human-oriented digital transformation as our main strategy while ensuring customer satisfaction with integrated, digital, environmentally friendly applications.

Being able to provide integrated services in many different fields, responding to the demands of our business partners quickly and flexibly by producing alternative solutions, and achieving all these with our human resources trained in different fields of expertise are among our strongest aspects.

Thanks to our operational capability and industry experience, we implement exemplary practices at different points in logistics. We create an optimum service network by providing multimodal services in line with the demands of our business partners with the combination of road, sea and rail transportation.

Another strength of ours is; our services and competence in the field of automotive logistics. In addition to our position as the market leader in domestic vehicle transportation in this field, we also break new ground in international operations. In 2020, we broke new ground in the world by transporting cars from Europe to Asia via Marmaray, which has a depth of 60 meters. We became the first company in the world to carry cars at this depth under the sea.

5. What are your services that make you different from your competitors?

We make a difference in the sector and provide significant advantages to our customers, especially in the fields of railway, automotive, project transportation and dangerous goods transportation. In rail transportation, which is an environmentally friendly and competitive mode of transportation, we carried out more than 3.5 million tons of bulk cargo transportation last year, as the first private train operator in Turkey to obtain a railway train operation authorization certificate. We are evaluated in the category of reliable company in customs transactions with the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate we hold in Turkey and France in international transportation. Thus, we save our customers time and cost without waiting at customs.

Although we have started to operate in the field of project transportation in the last four years, we have achieved successful projects in this field in a short time by achieving rapid growth. Today, I would like to proudly state that we are a sought-after logistics company that provides reliable service in this field of activity in the sector.

In the field of energy, we have a rapidly growing customer portfolio with high standard services we provide to global and national brands in the field of dangerous goods transportation with our 25 years of experience. We provide services in different fields such as fuel oil, LPG, bulk and cylinder gas, waste oil transportation with our self-owned fleet of more than 250 vehicles in compliance with ADR standards. We owe our strong presence in this field to the fact that we have been fulfilling the safety and security requirements, which are the inevitable priority of the industry, at a high level for years.

6. What kind of activities do you carry out to position your brand well?

While positioning our brand, we are taking our human-oriented digital transformation strategy into our center. We are not separating the human element from our focus as we continue our digitalization efforts rapidly. While strengthening our brand on the way to becoming a global logistics company, continuing to contribute to the development of the dec with our innovative practices is also among our priority goals.